NEWS / December 6, 2018

New vjoon K4 version 9: Ready for Adobe CC 2019 and Featuring an Enhanced K4 Content Portal

vjoon K4 version 9 is one of the first publishing systems to support Adobe CC 2019. It is now available worldwide from the vjoon partner network.

The revamped K4 Content Portal’s three plug-ins, Content Editor, Web Editor and Approval Manager, provide precision-tailored clients to suit content writers, editors and executives needs. Content Editor integrates CKEditor 5 to provide an up-to-date user experience that supports content-first strategies. The revamped Web Editor comes with a UI makeover and several technical touchups. Approval Manager is the go-to hub for all kinds of approvals. All three plug-ins now incorporate File Manager capabilities.

Other technical upgrades include support for Java version 11. Imaging tools and the like may now be launched right out of External Task Dispatcher for an even faster and more elegant way of accessing third-party applications.

Content Editor: the new client for content-first strategies

Capturing and editing content-first stories is an exercise in convenience with this Content Editor. Its new interface treats users to an unprecedented experience. Instead of using a central toolbar with many control elements as before, paragraph and character formats, for example, can be edited directly on the text object. For the user, intuitive, context-dependent control elements are provided directly on the text.

Another new feature comes in very handy: Users can adapt the Content Editor view via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so that the content appears in the publication’s designated look and feel. They can adjust the format, font and font size, number of columns, and the color of text passages using CSS to adopt the publication’s unique style in a responsive way.

Web Editor: optimized UI and fine-tuned details

With the facelift, the Web Editor has been optically streamlined and now has a lighter user interface. In addition, detailed improvements have been made and sources of error reduced. These include, for example, numerous improvements in so-called Precomposed Characters and special characters.

Approval Manager: the client hub for all go-aheads

Designers simplified and streamlined the Approval Manager by merging its two components and their functions into one client. Decision-making is more intuitive now. One click is all it takes for an editor to give a thumbs-up to layouts and contents that meet specifications – or a thumbs-down to those that do not. Approval Manager is the go-to hub for approving layouts and articles. This productivity-booster makes working life a lot easier for people who coordinate and monitor layouts and content across departmental or company boundaries. It accelerates approvals and fast-tracks feedback to save time and money.

Update / March 11, 2019

R2 has arrived!

Since end of February/beginning of March the so-called R2 of vjoon K4 version 9 is available. While the first release of vjoon K4 version 9 has already introduced comprehensive innovations such as the K4 Content Portal with Content Editor, Web Editor and Approval Manager, this version contains further enhancements, bug fixes and language updates as well as support for new versions of third-party components. Minor updates have also been made to internal components to increase system security.

The R2 essentially includes the following improvements:

  • The paragraph styles menu of Content Editor has been extended. Additional formatting for headings can now be used.
  • New text objects in Content Editor can now be moved up and down in the object hierarchy before the workflow is started.
  • The HTML to ICML conversion task now converts all paragraph styles available in Content Editor to paragraph styles in ICML.


vjoon K4, Content Editor
vjoon K4, Content Editor
vjoon K4, Web Editor
vjoon K4, Web Editor
vjoon K4, Approval Manager
vjoon K4, Approval Manager