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Designing workflows for different publishing processes requires expertise across several disciplines, including conceptual facets as well as practical application. At vjoon Inc., our experts have nearly three decades of experience modeling and implementing workflows appropriate to your business.

Working with you, we will help you optimize production and process flows that include each person and every important step to finalize your publication or project in the most professional manner.

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While editors style text, track changes, and make modifications to copy in Adobe InCopy, graphic designers and paginators work collaboratively on the same layout in Adobe InDesign, all without ever overstepping the bounds of each other’s work. Working together, your users will easily see how the copy and layouts come together in the production workflow, while the business benefits from reduced production costs, improved control over copy creation and reuse, and faster time to market for your brands and publications.

Consulting Services:

  • Review and analyze current workflow
  • Evaluate industry requirements and skills
  • Define requirements and objectives
  • Revision of workflow concept
  • Design workflow transition strategy

vjoon Inc. will be with you every step of the way during the installation and implementation phase of your project. Our experts understand how to design a trouble-free workflow, optimizing both K4/seven processes, as well as integration of your necessary third-party tools, with professional and expeditious results. Following a successful launch, our experts continue to support your system with sustainable integrations of your current and future systems in today’s divergent IT landscape.

Integration Services:

  • Analysis of processes and data flow
  • Review of content source and target format
  • Review and assessment of templates
  • Development of styles and export tags
  • Integration of existing or required systems
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