Web to Print. Automated.

K4 Drop Folders automates the import of files into vjoon K4 by scanning one or more hot-folders to integrate third-party-systems without using the vjoon API. This module makes it so much easier to import articles, for example, from a Web CMS or Word documents.

This straightforward yet efficient way of connecting a Web CMS to vjoon K4 affords users some very convenient options. They can automatically port articles that were drafted in programs such as WordPress and Drupal to vjoon K4, add styles as they see fit, and edit content that much faster.


  • Automated import of Articles, Adobe InDesign documents, pictures, Microsoft Excel files or any other file via hot-folders.
  • Create any number of dedicated hot-folders to source files from different external systems (e.g. DAM, Ad Management).
  • Convert text-based file formats such as .doc, .docx and .txt into HTML or ICML on the fly during the upload.
  • Make use of integrated customizable wrappers to structure and format e.g. Web CMS content for print workflows automatically.
  • Import files with or without starting a workflow. If you don’t start an object’s workflow, you may attach it to an existing K4 Collection.
  • Import as file and job ticket, job ticket only or file only.
  • Add XMP metadata information to any of the folder or file job tickets.
  • Use K4 Drop Folders to automate your entire picture workflow.

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